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November 10 – 20, 2022                    Taste of Egypt


Join Renée for an adventure to ancient Egypt, as well as its modern enjoyments on a Nile River cruise for the ages!


Day 1 Cairo “Mother of the World” – arrival        


Day 2 Cairo – Desert Sands & Secrets of the Sphinx


Day 3 Cairo – Ancient Cairo, a Boy King, and the Christ Child


Day 4 Cairo to Luxor – The World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum and ship embarkation


Day 5 Luxor to Edfu – Royal Resting Place of Kings and Queens


Day 6 Edfu to Kom Ombo to Aswan – Egyptian Gods of the River and Sky


Day 7 Aswan – Temples from Above and Islands Below


Day 8 Aswan (disembarkation) to Cairo – Work in Progress and the Goddess Isis


Day 9 Cairo – Amazing Palaces and Marketplace Mazes


Day 10 Cairo – departure


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